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Monday, May 2, 2011

ABG cantik dan imut menggoda hati

Is there a cheap online business? (part 2)

Maximize Home Equity

If we are able to maximize both the fruit of the capital, the online business can run automatically, although with minimal capital. With a working time which can be spelled 'sambi ago', an online business work can be done without bound leisure time.

So, how do online business mechanism of the all 'cheap'is? Here are some simple translation.

First of all, you must create a blog as a field where you hoe. Take advantage of free blog providers, such as WordPress or Blogger. With a blog, an online business will run this cheap.

Second, to the problem of seed fields, you can take advantage of some online businesses that can be embedded on your blog. Among them are as follows.
  1. Pay Per Click. Online business program that works by placing ads on your blog. You will get revenue from those ads. For example, Adsense, AdBrite, Click I, and so forth.
  2. Paid To Click. Program online business that works the way you see ads on web pages or blog designated as a media ad impressions. For example, Neobox, Clixsense, Buxto, and so forth.
  3. Paid Per Review. Online business that works by giving the commission to you if you write a review that is displayed on your blog. For example, ReviewMe or Payperpost.
  4. Paid to Upload. Online business that works by uploading or downloading a particular file on your hosting provider on the internet. For example, Ziddu.
  5. Paid Redirect. Online business that works by directing a particular webpage to another webpage. For example, Linkbucks or Adly.
  6. Paid Backlink. Online business that works by displaying certain links on your blog page. For example, Ask2link or backlinks.
  7. Paid Image Sharing. Online business that works by distributing pictures to others with a specific frequency. For example, Shareapic.
  8. Pay Per Action. An online business by paying to us after performing certain actions on the internet or on our blog. For example, to comment, register on the forums, create an account, click on the ads, and so forth. For example, Micoworkers.
  9. Pay Per Impression. An online business with how to serve ads on our blogs with a certain intensity tertentu.Contoh, CPX Interactive.

Some seeds online business can you plant in your field (blog). The seeds can be obtained with almost no capital. But, wait. Is it enough with just two main things are? Wet and seeds? Did not need a hoe farmers? How farmers plowing their fields without a hoe?


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