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Monday, May 2, 2011

abg bispak pamer toge mulus

Way business for beginners (part 2)

1. Building a business mentality

When will rise to become a businessman, you must prepare yourself mentally beforehand with businessmen. A businessman he figure that brave, brave bear all risks of a decision he took.

Dare to take a decision which is considered difficult and a dilemma. Whichever way you've done business, if the mental-mental business you do not have, be prepared out of the business world. The figure of a businessman is also a figure that patient, not rushed and hasty decisions. Got a calculation of a strategy that will be taken. Patience with the bankruptcy that might be experienced.

2. Find a partner

For beginners, there's nothing wrong with you starting your business looking for partners who are quite senior. You have much to learn in people who have experienced will be a business. There's a juice shop employee who diligently follow the employer's business, a year after he worked with his employer he had set up a juice business that ultimately success is almost equal to his employer.

This is how secure you to learn. But if you are confident enough to start your own could do. Just so you are sure that you have really mentally ready to businessmen.

3. Business formula right brain

Who said charity make poor? You know, charity is part of the business that is managed right brain, or it can be said charity is a business right brains. If the count is always counted mathematically, you will always assume that the charity that will bring someone in poverty. This is the old-fashioned thinking that is contrary to right-brain imagination space.

Alms is a form of business investment in the Creator, he will never take you to the squalor. Conversely, people who have the habit of diligent charity will dilapangkan sustenance. Not only roomy sustenance, he will also feel happy with that provision.

Alms is one thankful man, therefore it is when someone is grateful for the blessings that he will get even more extensive. Alms is the way today's businesses that have a lot of miracles.


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