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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

tante girang toge narsis dengan kacamata lucu

Behind the secret of online business (part 2)

Strengthen Content

If you own a blog and mengadalkan these blogs as a primary income from online business, you should pay particular attention to the content factor. Whatever the content offered on your blog, try these interesting content, related to issues up to date, original, and does not contain plagiarism.

A content is the lifeblood of a blog. Blog without content such as a man without a face. Blog with content but without the updates, such as human unkempt. Dirty, smelly, dreadlocked, and will be shunned even excommunicated everyone. Likewise with your blog. Treat with interesting content, updated regularly or periodically.

Suppose if you have a blog that offers content to the media information to your visitors. Keep this information quickly and no less interesting with similar media. If you lose quickly, you can 'shoot'. Use other strategies in the delivery of information. Make it interesting to create a high curiosity. But remember, do not do plagiarism.

Promotion and Traffic

It's not common knowledge if an online business depends on the promotion and traffic. Anything as interesting as your blog content, if no one is 'settled', what is the use. You can maximize the SEO or Search Engine Optimization that can be applied on the blog. With a little 'game' keyword it is quite possible your blog will become number 1 on Google.

Apart from SEO as a way of promotion, you can also do any other way. With the 'pick up the ball' the visitor to 'invited' to visit your blog. Take advantage of the existing potential of Social Media. Complete your blog with 'weapons' Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Foursquare, and so forth. Deliver blog content to the various Social Media.

The last way is by advertising. Indeed, this factor is arguably the most avoided action by the online business that is still premature. Why? Because the advertising needs of capital, cost, and budget, while the online business newbies do not have the budget for it. But do not worry, many provider of free ad sites that provide free space..continued


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